Sunday, 18 April 2010

Flights out of the UK still delayed!

I wait with baited breath to see what a volcano in Iceland will do tomorrow and which way the wind will blow! Two of my UK colleagues, Ritchard and Sam, who are members of WFOT Executive Management Team (EMT), were due to be in Chile tonight for the start of the WFOT EMT meeting. But both had their flights cancelled and are still stuck in the UK. Ritchard sent me a text earlier to say they will try to conduct the WFOT EMT meeting via Skype tomorrow - so good luck with that.

Our family are watching the volcano with interest, not only becuase it may stop me flying to Chile as planned, but also becuase my husband visited this volcano last year. He is a geography teacher and took a group of secondary school children on a field trip to Iceland. He has stood on the glacier by the volcano - a glacier which is now melting!

This afternoon I have been working on my Power Point presentation for the RCOMH event at Congress. I received confirmation of our catering order from Team Chile - so we should have refereshments for the networking part of the event.

I also heard from Julio who confirmed my hotel reservation and enquired after our flight situation hear in Europe. I am so glad to hear of colleagues who have made it to Chile already. Enrique has mentioned in a tweet that our WFOT President, Professor Sharon Brintnell has arrived safely. I am really looking forward to meeting her. She has very kindly agreed to support our event to celebrate the international launch of RCOMH.

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