Friday, 23 April 2010

Santiago offers a warm welcome

I have received such a warm welcome in Santiago and everyone has been so helpful. I recommend the services of Julio and his team at OTSI in Santiago. They have booked me into great accomodation for my stay, arranged my pick up at the airport and transfer to my hotel and have organised me to go on a tour to the ocean today and found a local laundrette I can use during my stay. Julio has been in good contact by e-mail and phone and made sure I have evrything I need:

The staff at Time Suites have got my internet connection up and running easily (costs $8 for 24 hours usage - and you can stop the clock and use up in blocks - it is by cable not wireless and you are given a cable for $9 deposit). they have also lent me power adaptors (it is a three pin vertical socket here) for a $5 deposit each. Brought me extra hangers, given me directions to places etc. Their English is excellent and they couldn't be more helpful.

It took me several attempts to find somewhere to cash UK sterling travellers cheques (If you are coming to Chile and haven't ordered yours yet I suggest you you get them in US$.

Just interupted by a Skype call from my Dad - first time I've used Skype from abroad. Got a really great sound and video picture and it was lovely to talk to him on-line. I'm so pleased to discover my Skype connection is going to work here because I have two young children and this is the longest I have evr been away from them. If we are able to Skype that will really make a difference to us.

Well I shall get ready to go to breakfast now which is over the road in the main Time Suites hotel building. I am off on a one day tour to the ocean at Valparaiso and Vina del Mar today.


  1. Hi Alison

    I'm following your blog with interest as I make my plans to leave New Zealand on Sunday arriving in Chile on Sunday - don't you love the international date line!

    My colleagues and I are presenting on using social networking tools on Friday and also at the EHealth IAG on Friday - so hoping you might make it (although I think your presentations are also on Friday).

    Can you tell me what plugs are used in Santiago - ie US????

  2. The plug sockets in Santiago have 3 pins lined up vertically. Some of the plugs are 2 pinned and some 3 pinned. I did not have the right adaptors with me - but at Time Suites and Apartments where I am staying I was able to pay a deposit and borrow a couple of adaptors.

    Yes - I also have a presentation on Friday morning and also my poster session has been timetabled for the same time too - I am waiting for the Congress organisers to get back to me as I'm hoping they will move my oral poster session so I can still present both.

    Have a safe flight from New Zealand.